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What is Email Marketing?

The first step is to be able to effectively capture as much data as possible. A plugin will be configured between your website and a third-party email marketing platform. This will capture visitor emails and intelligently sort users into lists based on their actions. 

The benefit of collecting this data is it gives specific audience’s to target when running future promotions. You may choose to offer your most loyal customers a greater discount or entice less active customers back to your website by offering a special discount.

This new data also serves as a targeting audience on social media campaigns which allows even greater reach.

We would also set up automated email flows, which targets people who have abandoned their cart, browsers abandonment etc. This will increase your win back strategy.

Some Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Weekly Campaigns

    The benefit of running weekly campaigns is to keep your warm audience base engaged and interested in your products, as well as running promotions and restocked items.

  • Pop up

    To keep gaining new subscriber's we would set up a pop with and incentive for the customer to enter there email. This would be followed with an automated email to the customer on subscribing

  • Flow Campaigns

    Running email flows allows your business to have an automated set of emails that are sent to customers who take certain actions. An example of some flows we would set up are welcome emails, abandon cart, abandon browser and purchase conformations.

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