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Social Media Marketing

Managing your business social media marketing alongside the daily running’s of your business, can be a stressful job. Let SC Digital manage your social media marketing and free you up to focus more on developing your business.

Using Facebook’s professional ads manager platform, we can create ad strategies bespoke to your business. This platform gives access to advanced targeting technique. All active campaigns will devise an advanced targeting strategy to show your ads to the most relevant audience.

On your website, a Facebook tracking pixel will be installed to track visitors and create for retargeting purposes. This allows us to create unique audience groups which include people who have engaged with both your Facebook and Instagram pages – VIPs.

Facebook also have an advanced software which allows us to reach a ‘lookalike’ audience. This targets individuals which have similar data points to existing audience members. We can then target individuals who may be interested in your business effectively.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Conversions

    Whether your business is looking for more website sales, leads, engagement, messages or brand awareness. A well devised and executed marketing campaign can help to increase your businesses marketing goal.

  • Brand Awareness

    With Facebook & Instagram's platform growing all the time what better place to get your brand in from if billions round the globe.

  • Increase Website Foot Fall

    Linking your website to the marketing campaign reaching millions of people per month you will increases the volume of link clicks to the website.

  • Social Engagement

    Increase your Facebook & Instagram engagement with clients as well as build on your following.

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