Why Go Digital

  • Reducing Waste

    Almost 90% of business cards that are handed out are discarded by the recipient. Let us help you turn that 9 out of 10 into 0 out of 0!

  • Reduce Carbon Foot Print

    All of our physical cards are printed on responsibly sourced recycled plastic, and we only use low toxicity ink to print. One card per employee removes the need to kill multiple trees and drastically reduces the ink usage.

  • Keep Social Distancing

    We've all learned to adapt to the new normal with social distancing. Not only are our digital business cards more hygienic, they also eliminates the possibility of refusal as there is no physical contact!

  • Reduce Business Costs

    No silly premiums for coloured business cards, one subscription per employee will last them forever! And any changes to your details which are required can be done without the need to reprint!

  • Business Values

    Show your customers that your business cares about the environment whilst also ensuring that you don't miss out on customer impact.

  • Amaze Your Customers

    Amaze your customers with your modern take on business cards. Not only will our digital business cards ensure your business details are correct and stored directly to their phone, it also makes sharing your details even simpler!

  • Our Own E-business Card

    This for example is our very won digital business card scanning the QR code on the back of the card and displaying the desired contact information. This can be designed to match your current business card designs and required contact info. What are you waiting for ? bring your business cards into the 21st century 

How It Works

Provide us with details for each of your employees - we can include their name, job title, contact number, email address, website, address and all popular social media platforms.

You receive a uniquely designed physical business card for each employee. These house a QR code which when scanned sends your customers directly to your digital business card.

We then work our magic, creating your digital business card as you prefer, from a choice of four designs and unlimited backgrounds. 

Voila! You've enrolled your business into the next generation of business cards! One card multiple benefits.

Example Cards

Car Salesman

Physical Card 

E Business Card 

Personal Trainer

Physical Card 

E Business Card 

Building Surveyor

Physical Card 

E Business Card 

All business cards and businesses are examples

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